How To Write A Hotel Guest Welcome Letter

In order to provide a professional and memorable guest experience, you need to make extra efforts to make your guests feel welcomed. Remember that hospitality is the most important quality of any hotel. In order to maintain quality, the hoteliers are always prepared to improvise their methods and go beyond their comfort zone. While there are several expensive ways to improve the hotel experience for your guests, writing a welcome letter is far easier and more convenient for any hotel or B&B owner. This guide will learn the tips to write a compelling welcome letter for your guests that will keep your business popular and running.

Writing a welcome letter

When you are writing a welcome letter as the host, you must include elements that make the letter personal between you and your guest. It is an ideal way to create a human connection. Welcome letters will help the guests feel more important as they feel you have invested time to address them.

Hotel Guest

A welcome letter is meant to develop a personal connection between you and your guest. Even if you are unable to meet them in person, they can feel connected to you if they receive a letter from you when they are at the reception. It will also ensure that they will always be looked after and well cared for when they are in your hotel. The letter should also contain all the important information about the hotel and FAQs.

Elements in the letter

Your welcome letter will serve two purposes – to connect and to inform. Apart from that, your letter can be however you want it. You can write a formal or an informal letter based on your nature. Keep your message away from the business and let your guests feel welcomed to your hotel as friends. They should feel relaxed, excited, informed, relieved, and special when they read the letter. In order to make this possible, focus your writing on something conversational. You do not have to be present to have a conversation with them. Writing a friendly letter will help you connect with them from far away.

Hotel Guest

This is also the time to showcase your brand’s personality to your guests. Let them know that you have a reputation for hosting quality accommodations for people. However, do not be too proud of it and let the guests experience that on their own.

Share personal insights

One way to connect with your guests is to share your own personal insights about your property. If there is any work in progress, like a new block construction, let your guests know about the work and ask them to maintain distance for their safety. Recommend them your favorite dishes from the menu and suggest to them the best time to relax outside. Tell them about the flowers you have in your garden or the artworks in your gallery. It is a great way to share your interests with the guests who may feel more connected after learning about them.

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