English Breakfast

How To Make A Full English Breakfast

English breakfast is massively amazing for anyone that is trying it for the first time. It has a range of dishes and cutleries to go with the dishes. It is all about comfort on a bright morning where you are served with a variety of hot dishes and beverages. English breakfast consists mainly of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, and beans served with coffee or tea. But when you are making an English breakfast at your home, you are free to explore your options. In this guide, you will learn about the important elements of an English breakfast.


English Breakfast

You can have multiple kinds of sausages to serve at the table. Some menus also include black pudding that goes complementary with the sausages. A plate of English breakfast can have 2-3 sausages to complete the course.


Eggs are pretty straight forwards and are a must in English breakfast. You can have them as boiled, sunny side up, and omelet based on your preference, although sunny side ups are the most traditional.

English Breakfast


Tomatoes are an important part of an English breakfast as it offers the nutrition of both fruit and vegetable. Most people prefer seared tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. Do not overcook the tomatoes and remove them as soon as they get a bit of color.

English Breakfast


Mushrooms are the take or leave the item in an English breakfast. You can have them based on your preferences and availability. They are cooked the usual way until they get the caramel flavor.

English Breakfast


Toast is a must. Your choice of bread can be unique, but it should be the traditional way of toasting it. You do not just have to toast the bread but also fry it with butter or oil to give it a juicy taste when eaten with eggs or bacon.

English Breakfast


Beans will give you a healthy dose as you eat through your breakfast. Although having beans does not really make a difference when you are getting a lot of heavy nutrients to start your day, it is considered a tradition to eat some.

English Breakfast

How to make an English Breakfast

1. You will need two pans to prepare your English breakfast and the ability to multitask.

2. First, warm the beans as they are usually frozen in cans and need to be slowly heated.

3. Cook the sausages and bacon in a second pan with medium-low heat until they turn brown or are cooked through. Flip and push the sausages and bacon to one side as needed.

4. Cook the tomatoes and mushrooms in the second pan until they are brown. Make sure to cut the tomatoes in half before searing them.

5. Fry the bread in the meat pan with butter or oil until they are golden and crisp. Next, add eggs in the pan of tomatoes and mushrooms and wait till they are cooked well. Flip if needed.

6. You have yourself an English breakfast. Add bacon at 1-2 o clock, sausages at 3, and eggs at 6. Put the pudding (if you have any) at eight and fill the rest with tomatoes and mushrooms. The fried bread can be placed anywhere on the plate or on a side plate.

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