Pet-Friendly Hotel

How To Become A Pet-Friendly Hotel

People are so attached to their pets that they cannot leave them behind when they plan a long vacation. Today, traveling with pets is becoming a trend in the travel industry which many pet owners are encouraged by looking for pet-friendly hotels and providing the right facilities for the pets. That is why the hotels are also adapting the ways they can do business to create a good image in front of the customers. However, becoming a pet-friendly hotel is not easy. Several factors need to be monitored by the hotel if they are pet-friendly. Here is how you can become a pet-friendly hotel to enhance your guest’s experience and also generate extra revenue.

Create a pet list

While you open yourself to having pets at your hotel, it is important that you keep a list of allowed pets, so you have the necessary arrangements for them. Decide on the size and type of animals you can allow on your site. Also, keep a limit to how many pets a client can bring (usually two pets per client). This will also help the pet owners to know if they can carry the pets and how much will it cost.

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pet owner rules

You will also need to create certain regulations around your hotel so the pet owners can stay safe without disturbing anyone’s privacy. Mention your hotel rules regarding pets on your website and in promotions. You can designate the no-go zones around the hotel to maintain hygiene. Food and beverage areas should be strictly forbidden for pets. You can also highlight the trails meant for pet walks.

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pet owner responsibilities

While you allow guests to bring their pets, you should inform them about their own responsibility towards their pets. Pets can sometimes be troublesome and can damage the hotel property. In order to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your property and other customers, you must let the pet owners learn about their responsibilities. Keeping the dogs on leads all the time, measures to prevent the dog from barking, keeping the cats inside the boxes when they become active are some of the responsibilities the pet owners need to take on their own.

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Services for pet owners

Providing a stay for pet owners is not complete unless they feel they are treated well. You need to make arrangements to make sure your hotel is pet-friendly. You need to provide food and water bowls in every room that is meant for pet owners. Adding pet beds, toys, and activities will only improve the customer experience, for which the pet owners will be willing to pay. Animal room service, day-care center, walking services, and additional services from your staff will help you gain a better reputation as a pet-friendly hotel.

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