Beryls Luxury bed and breakfast

Welcome to our special B&B accommodation located on the outskirts of Somerset City. We provide direct cab service for our guests from the airport and also arrange rental vehicles for local head-outs. Enjoy the luxury of clean and comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.

Discover the beauty of local farms as you learn about the history of the places. Enjoy spending quality time in the best local gardens and farms.

Experience the Life of Somerset City

Explore the best tourist attractions around the city with our guided program that takes place weekdays or on request. Take a tour around the city with other tourists or just your family with the help of our professional guides.

Amenities & Facilities

Our B&B is well equipped with all the basic and luxury amenities to provide a comfortable stay. We provide a high-speed WiFi connection, swimming pool, room service, quick gym equipment, local tours, and more.

Swimming Pool

We have a well-maintained swimming pool, perfect for summertime hangouts.

The House

Our eight-bedroom mansion is well equipped with facilities in every room to provide a similar experience.

The Dining

Explore the different types of breakfasts as you are with us. We have the finest chefs in the city to provide you the best morning meal.


Explore our events, activities, and other information by taking a tour around our B&B hotel.

What Our Guests Say

Here is what our guests have to say about their time with us.

The rooms are well maintained and clean to every corner, which proves how well their staff performs.
My family was delighted to see the place, and we had an amazing time throughout our stay.
This is my perfect hideout spot whenever I want to get away from the city and focus on my work.
This is the best B&B on the city's south side if any travelers are looking for a safe and quality stay.

Latest Updates

Enjoy Unforgettable Experience in Beryl Wells

You can now make online registrations to receive a warm welcome upon your arrival. Connect with our receptionist today throughout the online chat.